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Forex Education – Why It’s So Hard to Make Money at Forex Trading

If you where to believe a lot of people who write online about Forex trading, you would think it was easy to make money at Forex trading but its hard; the fact is 95% of all traders lose their money.

Forex Trading – Advantages & Disadvantages

Foreign Exchange (or Forex, FX) is one of the world/s largest financial markets, if not THE biggest. Its daily turnover is about $3 Trillion dollars, it deals with the real-time exchange of currencies of different countries. This currency exchange market

The Naked Way to Trade the Forex Market

I know that many struggling traders will do just about anything to make money in the forex market. So when I suggest trading naked, I don’t mean stripping off all your clothes (although if it worked, I’m sure you’d try

Forex Secret – Currency Pair Reversal Points – Pivot Points

The currency pair pivot point is one of keystones in trading at Forex. First of all, let us introduce the following designations (notions), necessary for the subject. “High” is the maximum at the previous day; “Low” is the minimum at

Forex News Trading – How to Earn Easy Money in Forex!

Forex news is one of the aspects of Forex that most people just overlook. Let us face it, there is so much hype about trading the latest greatest EA & the “holy grail” trading system, that news trading just gets

Make a Living With FOREX – Own Your Own Business

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business and making a living without having to work so hard for someone else? Do you feel under appreciated in your current job or like you work day in and day out

Use Proven Forex Trading Strategies For Good Returns

Many people opt for Forex trading because it gives good returns. The process involves buying currency of a country and selling it when its value rises against another country’s currency. Market Trends Have To Be Closely Monitored Certain aspects should

Including Fibonacci Retracements Into Your Forex Trading Strategy

You began trading in the currency exchange because you wanted to make money in one of the most lucrative market in the world. However, to make a continued profit trading forex, successful traders rely on different strategies and software to

Automated Forex Trading Programs

The forex market can be hard to crack for some people. However, there is a solution for the people who are struggling in the market. Automated forex trading programs are a great solution for a number of different people. First,

The Easiest Way to Learn Price Action Forex Trading

If you have been learning about trading the currency markets for any time, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Price action is king”. Of all the ways to trade Forex, price based trading gets the most respect. And of all